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You can also just call Rick Steele, current owner of LaBelle and he can answer all your questions.

Chris Lane - Editor HOn3 Annual

On Sep 1, 2020, at 8:29 PM, John Stutz <john.stutz@...> wrote:

Cliff & Duncan

Thanks for your replies. 

I had previously found that the LaBelle D&FtW coach was identical to the D&RGW coach, and suspected this was also true of the F&CC coach.  You both confirm that the F&CC kit definitely differed.  Since I have never seen one, I am wondering when it was offered and why it was dropped?  Bit of mystery here.

Cliff - If you have an original box and instructions, could you provide the kit code, and the address that LaBelle was then using?   The D&FtW kit is HOn3-20, with the original (?)  PO box 22, Oconomowoc, WI 53066 address, and priced at $12.75.  Which price was up at least two steps from the $5.95 on my oldest HOn3-2x kit box.

On reexamining the D&FtW coach I find that there is one difference from the D&RG version: In the D&FtW kit both sides have 13 windows, against 12 & 13 for the D&RG.  Given what I infer regarding LaBelle's woodworking technology, this is a trivial difference, perhaps simply due to over production of the 13 window side.   The two kits have the same window sizes and spacing, and overall side length.  

How do the F&CC kit's window's size and spacing and the overall side length compare to the D&RG version?


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