Re: Grandt C & S Bettendorf vs Micro Trains

John Stutz


I would take the difference off of the car bolster. That slight ring on the truck bolster helps the car track over any variation in track levels, and you can always add a .020" washer if converting back to Grandt.

If car body wobble is a problem, Kadee makes a wide variety of coil compression springs for their various scale couplers. Find one that fits over your truck screws, cut a short length, just a few turns, and place it under the screw head of one truck, leaving the other slightly loose. If that does not suffice, add body bolster side bearings, with just a hair's clearance, for the sprung down truck.

John Stutz

On August 30, 2020 at 3:31 PM Dusty <> wrote:

It appears the Micro Trains bettendorf truck bolsters sit about .020 higher than the Grandt trucks. Any opinion on removing material from the MT bolster or the car bolster or something else entirely.

Any experience?

Dusty Burman
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