Re: Grandt C & S Bettendorf vs Micro Trains

Ric Case

Dusty : Ihave done both! Just depends on how much you need to remove!
Careful with the bolster as you may get wheel of truck to frame interference!
The brake shoes are also a problem with drag on some trucks! 
I have taken the brake shoes off of most of the fifty plus pair I am using! 
Just my view !

Ric Case 
EBT Modeler 
Hamilton Ohio 

On Aug 30, 2020, at 6:31 PM, Dusty <> wrote:

It appears the Micro Trains bettendorf truck bolsters sit about .020 higher than the Grandt trucks. Any opinion on removing material from the MT bolster or the car bolster or something else entirely.

Any experience?

Dusty Burman
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