Re: Wanted : Dual Gauge Switches (Turnouts)


Ed, I may have what your looking for, I just have to dig them out.  Hopefully they are still in good condition, code 70.

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Subject: [HOn3] Wanted : Dual Gauge Switches (Turnouts)

After 32 years of armchair model railroading (replaced by 41 years of full-size railroading) I finally have the magic trifecta:
Time, Money & Space to build a model railroad again......

I am in need of 2 Shinohara HO/HOn3 code 70 Dual Gauge switches. One left hand and One right hand.  The left-hand switch must have the common rail on the left, SG only rail on the right .  We used to call this a "1011 or 1-11".  The right-hand switch must have the common rail on the right, SG only rail on the left,  or a 1101 or 11-1 set up.

Any and all leads would be appreciated.

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