Re: Blackstone for sale Batch 1


Gents, 461 and 347 are spoken for, pending payment. Thanks.

Chris Lane - Editor HOn3 Annual

On Aug 28, 2020, at 7:07 PM, claneon30 <chrislaneon30@...> wrote:



I am downsizing the collections, and I have a stash of Blackstone that I bought for a project that is never going to happen, so here we go:

Loco 1 D&RGW 461. My personal favorite K-27. Never been out of the box and needs a home Based on feeBay $450 seems fair.

Loco 2 Undecorated K-27. Also never out of the box, $425 and you buy your own damn decals!

Loco 3 D&RGW 347 coveted green boiler. Taken out of box and sat on the display shelf. Never run. Dusted and put back in the box $500

Contact me off-list if interested

Chris Lane


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