Re: Painting Depot Door Panels


Your going about it backwards.  Paint the whole door your Depot Buff than only mask off the areas you want to remain Depot buff and airbrush it again.

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Subject: [HOn3] Painting Depot Door Panels

I'm a long ways away from painting the doors for my Taos Jct depot but I'm already tense about the depot buff door panels on the Passage doors and Frt. doors. I could very possibly make a large, visable mess out of this part of construction. I'm confident I can mask corners and larger trim but the prospect of masking or free hand painting those tiny door panels makes my colon twitch. TMI.

I'm thinking about applying Depot Buff to some scrap decal trimmings and cutting out the panels and applying them that way. Three passage doors and three Frt doors. Chicken. Desperate.


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