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Nice Rob! The variation of tank cars sizes works well for White Pass consists. Your photos prove my point in a around about way too. If your P2K type 21 was alone or with other type 21 cars. No one would know it is not a 6000 gallon car like the UTLX narrow frame cars or a 6500 gallon car like the CONOCO wide frame cars.

I talked to a friend about the CONOCO cars over the weekend. I consider him one of the most knowledgeable persons on narrow gauge tank cars after Dave Grandt, the late Dave Garcia, Stan Schwedler and John Stutz.

Dave Grandt found a data sheet on the  CONOCO cars. The wide frame cars were built by General American not the Rio Grande in Alamosa as Sloan says in his book. My friend says the cars were built with wide frames to accommodate standard gauge trucks. He and I and Dave Garcia agreed that they probably rolled into Alamosa on standard gauge trucks. Where the Grande switched them out to narrow gauge ones. There does not seem to be any historical paperwork to prove that the new trucks came from the defunct Ingoldsby coal gons. Only that the Ingoldsby trucks were rated for a higher tonnage than the D&RG 3’7” trucks and they look the same as the Ingoldsby trucks. That and the fact that the Grande never seemed to throw any narrow gauge trucks away.

Dale Buxton

On Mon, Aug 3, 2020 at 10:15 Robert Bell via <> wrote:
Some years ago I built one of the P2K type 21 8000 gal cars and put it on a pair of Grandt Line Hon3 Bettendorf trucks.  I have since changed out the trucks to MTL Bettendorfs.  It is a large tanker, but not as big as others used by the White Pass.  The photos show the P2K (#47) with a coup,e of BS narrow framers and a converted Athearn 10K tanker that I am not done with.

Rob Bell
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