Re: Abteilung weathering.

Dennis Carrell

I realize I'm late to this discussion!  I just recently watched the amazing video that sparked such a firestorm of interest. One of the things that was frustrating about the video was a lack of close ups on the finished models!  So that leads me to my first question. 

1)  Is there a gallery of photos somewhere that show these gorgeous models somewhere?

2)  Has anyone attempted this process with acrylics?  I'm guessing that watering down the pigments in acrylics just won't leave the same effect on the model?  Or is there another more sinister reason not to use acrylics on brass? 

I have yet to paint a brass model which is the whole reason I stumbled on to the video, I have a project 2-8-0 consolidated that I will be starting soon and I'm researching both painting and working on brass models.  There is not a lot out there in the how-to videos on painting brass.


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