Re: conoco tank cars

p. f. hollingsworth

Some years back, Bob Veefkind gifted me a car he'd made up from an MDC kit. It was built along the lines of the frameless cars. I ran it over time, now and again because I like the car and it performs quite well. Well, except the N coiuplers are harder to pick free from  my HOn3 ones. I didn't run it continually, since I try to remain true to my C&S prototype.
Anyhow, I just thought I'd toss that out here in case a few might like to go in that direction with these kits.
I built a CONX 8, starting with a Precision Scale Gramps car- by the time I modified the tank, built a whole frame according to Brunk, and got it painted- the Division Point tank car avalance showed up on the market. Sorta my luck. 

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