Re: Conoco narrow gauge tank cars

Bill Lugg

If you have a Shapeways account (free) you can establish a conversation with the designer and ask him the question you asked here re a scaled down/NG version.  FWIW, it looks like his design might lend itself to inserting some weight in the voids between the frame members, which might achieve your goals sufficiently...especially if you used some heavy metal like plutonium...just kidding.  :o)

Bill Lugg

On 7/18/20 5:18 PM, kevin b via wrote:
Here s the shapeways MDC narrow frame.

thanks for the post on that.
i checked it out.
looks pretty good, i especially like the center saddle on the print.
but,  it looks like it's very close to the original in size, which makes it too big for narrow gauge, at least in my opinion.
i'm likely to buy one anyhow however.
just to have it in hand for 100% inspection and so on.
by any chance, does anyone on here know the person who did the computer file for the piece?
might be he'd do another one but downsized.
i still want the thing made from metal though, that puts the weight on the car to begin with, and nice and low etc.


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