Re: conoco tank cars

Bill Lugg

There's several Alps printers on eBay (if that's what you're looking for): - most of them look like junkers.  I'm not sure what model you're looking for.

And I found a refurbished MD5500 for a mere $5,500 here:  It even comes with a laptop.

Bill Lugg

On 7/16/20 4:59 PM, kevin b via wrote:
well, already, problems.

1. the printer i said get, can't be had.

2. alps is out of business.

3. the white ink i'm told is available is for printers no longer being made.

so, at the moment, i'm in re-groupe mode.

results by the end of the month are now probably not possible.

i have not called it quits yet though.


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