Re: conoco tank cars

kevin b

Hello Brian.

thank you very much for allowing me use of your PDF.

i feel as if i have been nudged.....

so, first things first, the printer and ink is on order.
then figure out how to make it do right and so on.

i will keep the thread up to date as things develop.
lots of things going on right now, so, i hope i can have some kind of result by the end of the month.
we'll see.

thanks again.

Hi Kevin,
You are welcome to use the PDF. It is a custom decal so if you are a stickler for details you might not like that the tank cars were tested in Silver City by the New Mexico Western Railroad (NMWRR), instead of Denver by the C&S.

That said, you might find a few takers (including me) who would buy a higher DPI decal from you for HOn3. I would love to get some 2400 DPI versions of the tank decal. The ones I have are not that high resolution.

Yes that was a passive-aggressive nudge for you to buy a higher end water-slide printer like the ones at =)


Brian Kopp
Jacksonville, FL

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