Re: Conoco narrow gauge tank cars

Bill Lugg

Regarding the frame, what are the chances one could be modeled and 3D printed?  It seems like a cavity could be provided for weight, or the weight could go in the tank, for that matter.

Just a thought.
Bill Lugg

On 7/15/20 1:08 PM, Robert Veefkind via wrote:
Good day gentle modelers

After re-reading Grandts pictorial and Dr. Sloans N.G. freight cars, I am convinced modeling them (tank cars) is a hobby in itself. They were built with various frames different trucks and brake systems.Even on a wood frame with truss rods. The lettering changed over the years too. Most of you are aware of these things I know.
Dry transfer lettering to me is much preferred. I still have a bunch of CDS dry transfers but they are dried out and all suggestions to restore them did not work.I wonder what the shelf life is?
I tried to mill down the MDC zamac frame to narrow frame proportions with little luck. Bob Veefkind

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