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Jim Spencer

Some sad news about Dave Garcia. You can read below. Dave had told me long ago that he had a lot of Rio Grande archive material. Does anyone know if he had donated or otherwise gotten it into one of the museums?

He apparently was never married nor had children. And there is no family, from what I heard from Jeff Reynolds.

Does anyone know if he had an executor, someone with power of attorney, or a successor trustee? 

I heard that he had a young friend who may have been helping him out. Anyone know that person?

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Perhaps most concerning is that Dave had “rescued” a lot of D&RGW documents when the Alameda station attic was being emptied by the railroad. I’m sure he had far more than that. 

The question is did he make provisions to donate that material to the various museums?

Another question is did he have family?
Families often just throw those things out. 

I also heard he had a lot of HOn3 brass and parts. Again does anybody know it’s disposition?

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Hey Guys;

I have some sad news to report. I got a call from Nick, he reported that Dave Garcia just passed away.

Nick did not have a lot of details, apparently Dave was recovering from heart issues and also may of had Covid-19 in the end.

If anyone else can fill in the details, let us know.

Dave was a treasure trove of information and was a friend of the Guild, very sad to heard he is gone.

Bill Beverly

James G. Spencer FAIA

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