HO Structure Kits for Sale

Ted Wilton

Finally recognizing that I will never have the space for all the structure kits I have accumulated, I have the following for sale:

  • CC Crow first-run [#86 in his "Limited-Run"] RGS Ridgway Roundhouse kit [does NOT include either the Goose stalls or the office building]: $175.00;
  • Rocky Mountain Model Works RGS Rico Engine House: $175.00;
  • Anvil Mountain Silverton Railway/Silverton Northern Freight and Ticket Office: $90.00;
  • Narrow Gauge Colorado Dolores Flour Mill: $90.00;
  • Rusty Stumps IOOF Hall: $75.00;
  • Banta Models Rico, Colorado Pro Patria Mill: $375.00;
  • Western Scale Models Jamison Creek Power Plant: $60.00.¬†¬†
All are unbuilt and in their original boxes. I'll charge $15 for FedEx shipment [except for the Jamison Creek kit -$10.00]. Either personal check or money order, no PayPal. Contact me with any questions  you might have.

Ted Wilton: twilton@...

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