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Lasers use powder and are heat fused onto the paper surface. If the decals are from old stock, I always spray it twice with a clear fixative spray (dull coat or testor's or big spray can of mat clear spray to help hold the cracked pieces together for the soak and transfer.

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What keeps the lazer ink from running when you soak it in water to free the decal film?

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Hi Kevin,
The short answer is yes if you don't need to print white lettering or real high resolution. A color (or black only) laser printer can take decal paper and print on it like any other paper.

thank you Brian for the reply.

ok, so, OF COURSE I do not have a laser printer.
and, you guessed it, I want the lettering in White.

ok, now for me to discuss this all with a friend of mine who is a computer guy.
 (I am not)
once I run this all past him and see if he thinks we can get  white ink and decal paper, dry transfer paper maybe? and so on, we'll give it a shot on an inkjet and i'll let you know how it goes.
(it will most likely be a while)
thanks again.

lloyd lehrer

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