Solder paste for Turnout construction

Bill Lugg

This afternoon I was reading the literature that came with my Dad's American Beauty resistance soldering unit.  Included was a reprint of a 1992 MR article about resistance soldering that included a tip on using "solder cream" between PC board ties and rail with the tweezers on the soldering unit to make nice clean joints.  It occurred to me that teaming this up with the Fastracks jigs would improve and speed my turnout construction.

My question is regarding the choice of paste to get the strongest joint for this application.  It seems at first blush the options are 63/37 Sn/Pb or low melting point AG solder paste.  I did find SN/BI/Ag solder paste too, but it's much rarer than the others.  All of the Sn/Pb pastes are focused on SMD repairs so I'm not sure about their mechanical strength for flexing points on a turnout, for example.  Admittedly, the wire solder I'm using now is 60/40 so maybe I'm worrying about nothing.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

Bill Lugg

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