Re: Stoner Creek Issue

Dale Buxton

In this new era of the COVID-19 virus this is just another obstacle in the road for ordering items from the EU.  Take this as an example. The SB Modellbau web site says that there can be an 8-12 week delivery time at present. If you have watched CNN International at all during the last 4 months it keeps saying that the international postage system in Germany is being slowed down due to COVID-19. I work for UPS. I Happen to know because of my connection to UPS for a fact, that DHL has the exclusive international postal contract with the German Post Office. This is something that drives UPS Corporate up the walls. LOL. Also take into consideration that Faulhaber produces motors in production lots. If Steffen did not have the particular motor for your conversion in stock. He has to to wait for it to go into production. Steffen and SB Modellbau both share the same supply chain problems. The last motor I ordered from SB Modellbau took around 8+ weeks turn around to get to me. I ordered it in late May and it arrived in early August. So it was pretty much right on schedule! I met Steffen once when I worked at the old Caboose Hobbies in Denver. He seemed like a pretty stand up guy to me. All I can say to you is that I implore you to be patient. 

Dale Buxton

On Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 1:46 PM Robert Herrick <rdherrick@...> wrote:
I corresponded with Steffen at Stoner Creek and wound ordering one of his conversion motors. That was in May. Sent him an email last week asking for the status of my order since I paid for the motor and have not received a response. It's taken him a few days to respond in the past, but not this long. Have I managed to find another problem child in addition to Wayne at Loco Doc?

Bob Herrick

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