Re: Tapping Shapeways high def plastic

Dale Buxton

Mike, I tried to tap some of my coupler boxes and the pivot post with the through screen hole in it kept shattering. I would deduct from this and what Dusty wrote that I depends on the thickness of the material around hole you are tapping. I will note that the detailed plastic from Shapeways is very brittle. I also agree that a brand tap that is sharp is a very good idea too.

Dale Buxton

On Mon, Jun 15, 2020 at 10:45 Dusty <> wrote:
I drilled and tapped a Shapeways San Juan car floor for 0-80 screws. I used Grobet Pro Cut on the drill and tap. I used a 'fresh' tap rather than one which had already tapped 100+ holes in 1/8 acrylic. I was pleased with the results.

Keep in mind if you intend to use the Blackstone provided screws they are metric 1.7 diameter, .35 pitch. These are not compatible with 0-80 diameter and pitch threads. I just attempted to thread a Blackstone 1.7 screw into several 0-80 nuts without success. I guess this is what happens when you try to put a .064" diameter screw into a threaded hole made for a .059" diameter screw.

Dusty BurmanĀ 

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