Upcoming Zoom meeting Fw: Craftsman Courtyard Virtual Train Show

Darryl Huffman

from Chris Coarse, Conowingo Models:

I’ve been working with Steve Milley, Mark Schreier and Jeff Grove to develop a virtual train show around Steve’s Craftsman Courtyard. Zoom seems to be the platform of choice. My intent is to have a structured format with a presenter (demo something, show off dioramas or a layout tour), a little question time and then roll into a vendor highlighting their wares. Each session would be about 15 minutes-ish, plus a few minutes for questions. The free option of Zoom allows for up to 40 minutes. However, Jim Kellow’s sessions have gone for two hours without a charge or cutoff. My thought is to go through the structured part and then turn the beer light on (or drink of your choice) and gab for a bit. If we get cut off, hopefully we’ll at least have the two presentations done.

Here’s the info on the virtual train show. 


 is the address for the meeting.     June 28th at 7:00 PM eastern time.

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