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Hi Ed,
I know a guy in Canada ( Gerald Harper) who models the Anyox in on3. He's got lots of info and did a presentation at the narrow gauge Convention a few years ago
John Peckham

On Fri, Jun 12, 2020 at 9:06 AM, Ed Weldon
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I think we ought to take a look at the way the HOn30 modelers have gone.  There are very limited rtr locos and they are small industrial types.  So they have generally stayed away from Western USA prototypes.  But what they have done is work with available chassis/mechanisms from the N scale world and done a lot with 3d printing. 
So this leads me to thinking that a good HOn3 product may be an 8 wheel "diesel" chassis that is stretchable in it's wheel base and accepts whatever 3d printed side frames that are needed for a given loco and even large rail buses.  This would be a ready invitation to 3d printed superstructures for whatever diesel one wants to model.  It would even work for an HOn3 Baldwin electric when some ambitious modeler decides to tackle modeling the Anyox/Hidden Creek operation in British Columbia. (Something I put a lot of share-able research into; but won't live to actually do.) The nice thing about doing just the diesel chassis is that there is no big investment in expensive injection mold tooling and the necessary sales volume to make the venture profitable. And by using 12 volt electric motors that are in common use in automobile manufacturing a long term supply of that item is well assured.

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