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Ric Case

Steve send photos when you get basic scenery in! Also have you had any time to produce any rollee holders yet?

Ric Case 
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Congrats with this great and big work




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From: Steve Hatch
Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2020 10:03 PM
Subject: [HOn3] Fiest train at last


Well I just finished wiring and ran a a work train all the way around the new addition.
I started building the building to put this 20x20 room addition on to my 26x20 garage in July of 2019
and I finished the building and built the new framing and hand layed the code 55 rail
all the way around and just now ran a train over the whole line.
 Phew.   I'm a month ahead of where I thought I'd be.
Im tired now so I'll take some pics of the new track with a train on it tomorrow.
The guys come to operate tomorrow so there will be trains on it. The RR is NOW 20 by 46 feet.
Thousands and thousands or spikes.  Little bitty itty bitty spikes that bend.

Last rush today getting the 5 turnouts in that are on the main line and then wiring all.
This hiding in place has given the "build" a boost.
Stephen Hatch



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