Re: Kit-bash of Diamond Scale 51' Turntable

Jeff Reynolds

Scott, I built a 50' TT for Ridgway using the DS 51' kit's base and hardware using my bashed deck and a Peco 100' N scale TT kit for the girders. I too am doing Ouray in HOn3 with code 40 rail, the original 3-way stub in 40 and if i can find another DS kit, another 50' TT at Ouray. Here it is before the railing, turn handles and approach tracks. I too am doing Ouray and have the space.
If i can find another kit I will build one for Ouray, all in code 40 including all stub switches in code 40 including a 3-way stub that was on the original track plan. My 319 will be happy to make the Montrose/Ouray turn.

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