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Looks good Tony!

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Thanks guys.  I wish I could say I researched exactly how the brake components were on those oddball high cabooses, but I just followed the PSC kit instructions for that part of it.

The steps are built up from strip styrene and brass rod. Turned out very strong as the brass rod pins them into the car body and platform sill.

Been pretty happy with this type of weathering over the last years.  Shoot the car a base color with gloss then decal and clear.  Then a fiberglass erasure to remove lettering.  For the variation in color, I brush paint individual boards with a half a dozen different reds, grays and tans.  Finish it off with a little more fiberglass eraser and a little wash.  Gives a nice variation of color and sheen.  A little "texture" as Dick Dorman used to call it.

Tony Kassin

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