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Don Peterson

You might check with Eric at RGM about the trucks. I just ordered a bunch of trucks from him a week or so ago. He still has some truck available.

Don Peterson

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Harry Brunk did a good write up of his conversion of E&B valley D&RGW cars to phase 1 C&S cars.  He identified all of the steps needed to be done.  I have done 4 cars for both C&S and RGS using his article.  It's a fairly easy conversion, including modifying the doors.  The only problem you might have with it is if you insist on exact C&S trucks.   RGM made them, but he's no longer in business.  I just used Grandt or Blackstone 3'7" trucks on my cars.  Makes a good contrast in a string of Grandt Phase III cars.  Enjoy.  By the way, the article in question appears in Harry's Up Clear Creek Vol.II.  It was originally published in the NG&SLG but I can't recall the year.  It was later in the series.

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I'm  pondering the assembly of 2 or 3 stand in Phase I stock cars. I don't plan on trying to produce perfect replicas. I am willing to go a bit beyond swapping ends, doors and trucks on E & B cars. I'm trying to identify possible modifications and the effort vs visual benefits of each.

Experiences, opinions? Pretty much nothing written in ink yet.

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