Re: National Narrow Gauge Convention – 2020 CANCELED

Jim Marlett

Since there were no bids for the 2024 convention, maybe the St. Louis group could go for that one. It wouldn’t be a “commemorative” year, maybe they could call it the combined 40th and 44th convention. We who are hunkering down for this year would certainly get the joke.

Jim Marlett

On May 28, 2020, at 2:30 AM, Dale Buxton <dbtuathaddana@...> wrote:

I agree Jim, 

What Narrowminded1 wrote simply made me angry. I felt compelled to not let what he wrote simply pass for anything more than what it really was. I apologize to the list for my post. The sad thing is, I saw the Narrow Gauge Convention being cancelled way back at the end of February. Now it has come to pass and I think the St. Louis crew did the right thing for us. Now we can look foreward to next year. In the mean time, we all have more time to model our favorite HOn3 projects.

So I wish everyone happy modeling!

Dale Buxton

On Wed, May 27, 2020 at 9:17 PM Jim Marlett <jmarlett@...> wrote:
Well said, Dale. I guess those of us with backgrounds in biology have a better understanding of what doctors, epidemiologists, scientists, and so on are saying.

However, I think we are drifting off topic for the group. Perhaps it is time for a little self restrain, me included.

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