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I agree 100% with you.  My wife and I have been grounded to the house with no visitors except out daughter until recently when her xhusband got together with another woman who had kids and a husband who takes her kids to Miami.  Now she can come over but stays outside and we maintain at least an 8 foot space between us and them and wear masks.  We have been grounded since February and at 73 we are taking no chances.
I do believe this was a mistaken release of a Military grade bio weapon by the Chineses and it just got out of control.  Now we see how easily a bio weapon and how quickly it can spread over the whole world.  The has been outlawed and all nations signed on to it so why is China still playing with it?

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Covid19 and the Yearly Flu don’t care about about any of the things we humans care about! Not borders, not the language you speak, Not what you had for dinner, Not your favorite color, Not world business, not politics And not even our favorite hobbies.

It’ simply an RNA Transfer machine.   For lack of a better description. It’s not even technically alive. But, it has evolved to be opportunistic. It mimics key points in our bodies so it can gain entry. It has a mission and only one mission. To make copies of itself as fast as it can until all the materials it needs are used up. It hijacks the generic code of the cells it infects and re-writes this code to do nothing but make copies of itself. It will do this until the cell is destroyed! It will do this over and over again unless the immune system finds a way to stop it. It will take what it wants from the host up to and including their life.

COVID19 is massively more deadly than the common flu and massively less understood. This should be cause for great alarm by all of us! Instead we get fringe conspiracy nay-sayers.

All of our perceptions of life are colored by our experiences. It’s unavoidable. It’s human nature. My father spent most of his career making chemical and bio weapons for the US government. Accidental releases were frightening beyond the imagination to the people in this field. I guess dad passed I good deal of his concerns about pandemics both man made and naturally occurring on to me. So yes! I take this very, very seriously. 

The US infection rate and death toll ( the highest publicly disclosed in the world) are because too many of us did not take it seriously in the beginning. What we are seeing are the results of that.

To all that read this. Please, please, please. Be smart, be safe, be well.

D. Buxton

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My reply from the Sn# group...

While I agree it is BS, I don't know that I would call it cowardly. I'm one of the people that is in the group of so called "conspiracy theorists." While I believe the virus is real I think it's less of a threat than the seasonal flu and that it is being blown out of proportion for political reasons I can understand the reasoning for not attending. If big box stores like Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe's and even convenience stores can remain open then why not small businesses and tourist RR's stay open. If masks work then why social distance? If social distancing works then why the masks? I believe in common sense; stay home if you feel sick or if you have symptoms, wash your hands regularly, and cover your sneeze and cough. I've tried my best to keep this "neutral" so please take that into consideration when reading this. Thank you!
Nathan Kline
Tiadaghton Valley Railroad & Coal Co.
McConnellsburg, PA

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