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Don Bergman


I have 2 Westside C-16s with Stoner Creek's re-motor kits. Had to do it 20 years ago in order to in stall decoders.  The 2 together double head nicely.  20 mph top speed no problem.   On the RGS they could rarely exceed that anyway.  Not sure if he still offers the Kit I used.    I also have Steffen's kits in 2 Westside T-12.   All 4 run nicely.  Very pleased with the results for all 4.  I had no problems with the instillation and mechanical skills working in brass is not my strong suit.

Don Bergman

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Subject: [HOn3] Stoner Creel
I've been trading emails with Steffen about a replacement motor for my Westside C-16, the open frame motor version with the footboard pilot. He offers two versions: one with a lower gear reduction producing a scale 20mph or a version for a road engine with a top scale speed of 45mph I am building a shelf layout of Espanola with room to expand to Embudo and possibly beyond. I'd like to replace the pilot for road use, but the locomotive will be used for switching on the layout. Doubt the prototype operated much faster than 20mph, but I'm concerned about being limited to that speed. Anyone have experience with either one of Steffen's gearing options especially with respect to what is appropriate for my intended use?


Bob Herrick

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