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John Stutz


That's a very nice start on yours.

The USATC's ex. Silverton Northern caboose was ex. D&RG, so its the obvious possibility. But construction era photographs of the WP&Y include a few glimpses of the two 4-wheelers purchased from the Colombia & Puget Sound, as part of the original freight stock, They were soon replaced by Skagway built long cabooses, but the bodies hung around for decades, For instance, the current long steel Caboose cabin, located adjacent to the East Fork bridge at Denver, was preceded by a short caboose fishing(?) cabin set a little further up the river. I am not now certain if it was a former C&PS, SN, or C&S caboose, as it had long since burned when Carl Mulvihill told me about it in 1976. I hiked up to examine the remains, but there was nothing left above the half burned underframe, beyond a few iron rods.

Another attractive possibility is the C&PS's long narrow gauge design, which had presumably sidelined the 4-wheelers before C&PS converted them to SG, along with the rest of the railroad in 1897. There were at least 9 of these, C&PS #812-20, later Pacific Coast(WA) 50-56, most retired around 1910, probably in favor of stell underframe cabooses. Best's "Ships & Narrow Gauge Rails", recently republished under another name, has a photograph of caboose 53 on SG trucks on p145, and I have purchased a few other photos from internet sources. These were quite attractive baggage door cabooses, very like Ward Kimball's ex. Pacific Coast(CA) ex. NCO caboose now at Orange Empire. And I suspect they were the prototype for Jack Work's article on constructing an HOn3 model of a side door caboose, published in MR about 50 years ago


On May 26, 2020 at 6:07 AM Rob Bell <ionhoss@...> wrote:

Are you planning on making a USA caboose out of it?  If so, you will like the progress I have made on mine.  I shortened the sides and frame 1 scale foot.  Then realized at the cupola was also shorter (side view).  The end windows were smaller than the kid's were also.  I need to get back to working on this.

Btw, I won't need my decals either.

Rob Bell
Waynesville, NC


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