Re: PSC Short Caboose Kit Decal Set

Robert Bell

During WWII, the U.S. Army acquired several cabeese from Colorado narrow gauge railroads for use in Alaska on the White Pass & Yukon Route.  They got two from the Colorado & Southern, and one from the Silverton Northern.  The xSN caboose had been the D&RG 0556.  

The 0556 was originally a 16ft bodied 4-wheel job.  Shortly after the turn of the last century, the caboose was one of a handful rebuilt into an 8-wheel cabeese.  Others in this unique group were 0518, 0524, 0526, 0528, 0548, 0556, and 0559.

When they were rebuilt, additional frame members were added and they sat higher on their trucks.  Also, they did not have visible truss rods as the original truss rods were behind the original side sills.  Each of these cabees had unique and distinguishing features and many changes were made to them over the years.  After a wreck, the 0524, (which is the only one to survive as an 8-wheeler), was rebuilt again and thus became a one of a kind - 16ft body, 8-wheels, visible truss rods, with that "low-slung" look.

Hope this explains what I meant by USA caboose...even if I did get sidetracked.


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What is a USAcaboose?

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