Re: coreless motors again plus C-18 tender origin


From information collected from Steve Swanson and Jeff Johnson. 

345 tender currently at CRRM behind 318


Wide winged tender no beading on wing.  In Hon3 Key used their version of this tender on a run of the  #318s and on their #346


Loco 345  1934-Aug 1940  On the C&S with this tender

Loco 340   Late 1940-late 1950

Loco 318   late 1950 – present.   More water cpy for Ouray run. Was behind the 318 when it was at the museum in Alamosa  and went to Golden with it. Used behind 346 at museum in the 50s when the 346 tender was being repaired.



316 tender  Currently behind RGS 42 in Durango


Taller flare top tender.  Key did a horrible job of modeling this tender on their Hon3



Loco 316 early 1930’s – May 1939

Loco 315 May 1939 – approx March 1941  Appears to have been overhauled

Loco 317 1941 -1948  Had the small flying RG on it approx July 1941 – April 1946

Loco 42  1949   Pictured behind 42 with flying RG


318 Tender  Currently behind 340 at Knotts


Flare top tender with mismatched trucks.  Very similar to #223s tender and the tender used on RGS 42 most of her life.  Key made a beautiful version of this tender on the late version of the 318 with the small box.


Loco 318  until late 1950

Loco 340   late 1950 - present.  340 not used on RG with this tender, just stored.


346 tender  currently behind #346 at the CRRM


Larger flared tender.  Key put it behind runs of the #318 and behind their #40.


Shows evidence of wreck like square stock beading instead of 1/2 round. 

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