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Oh my, what a tangled web we weave.  Here below is a summary of my reactions.

1. It's been approximately 44 years since these two loco's have seen the light of day in HO scale and who knows how many tender swaps have occurred by those (mis)fortuate enough to own both at the same time. I imagine many of these locos have changed hands many times given their quality.   I wouldn't be surprised if the Balboa C-19 was a transplant donor here and there.  I can't recall any photographic advertisements Key released on these two back then.  Just those line drawings.  Is there any way to secure the true appearance of these guys when they were first released?  (This response is just a too transparent attempt on my part to get out of any more research because I know relevant photos are somewhere up in my library.  However, it's three flights up and gravity is no longer a friend,)

2.  Maybe it's time to get out my bag of 'medicinal',roll a j and head out back to discuss this matter with my Gray Squirrel confidants as the weather is far more conductive to  play rather than work.  Hum.  Tempting.

3.  Muttering dark curses on General Palmer for burdening us with the mysteries of his little railroad has never worked for me in the past.  Besides, I'm not far from his eventual destination, and he might not be very forgiving should we happen to run into each other. 
4.  Perhaps I should return to the rules, standards, and customs applicable to honest scholarship that I learned, preached, and actually practiced back in the days of maintaining a paycheck driven lifestyle.  Use it or lose it, buba.  Serves me right.

5. Then there was that really nice E-mail earlier complementing us on our dedication and knowledge.  Shame on me.  Damn, I guess I'll head on up and see what I can find..  First stop is RG to the Pacific. Always loved those early standard gauge photos anyway.  I'll let you all know if I find anymore useful stuff.  Thinking face

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So La Messena's book "Rio Grande to the Pacific" shows the 340 in Montrose in 1951 with the tender it now has at Knotts Berry Farm (page173). The "315" book shows this same tender behind the 318 in 1953 on the last run to Ouray (page 420).  

So are we possibly suggesting that because the 318 ended it's service with the 340's tender behind it. That perhaps Dan Mc Key chose to model the 318 with the 340's tender? Or, are there tw0 tenders like this?

Steve has told me that there are more tenders that look like 340's last tender. There have to be at least two. Because the same tender can't be behind the 318 in Golden and the 340 in Pasadena at the same time.

I just remembered something else. While in service with the New Mexico Lumber Co. The 346 was hauling around the 271's tender for a spell.

D. Buxton

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