Re: coreless motors again plus C-18 tender origin

Dale Buxton

So La Messena's book "Rio Grande to the Pacific" shows the 340 in Montrose in 1951 with the tender it now has at Knotts Berry Farm (page173). The "315" book shows this same tender behind the 318 in 1953 on the last run to Ouray (page 420).  

So are we possibly suggesting that because the 318 ended it's service with the 340's tender behind it. That perhaps Dan Mc Key chose to model the 318 with the 340's tender? Or, are there tw0 tenders like this?

Steve has told me that there are more tenders that look like 340's last tender. There have to be at least two. Because the same tender can't be behind the 318 in Golden and the 340 in Pasadena at the same time.

I just remembered something else. While in service with the New Mexico Lumber Co. The 346 was hauling around the 271's tender for a spell.

D. Buxton

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