coreless motors again

Robert Veefkind

Turns out it wasn't the motor. I had tested the loco by laying it upside down in a cradle with it slightly leaning toward me and putting one lead to the drawbar and one to the frame-it ran fine. I took the lead off the frame and tried the uninsulated drivers and all seemed okay but some hesitation on 2 of them. When I tilted the engine the other way the front insulated driver barely skimmed the driver retaining plate causing a short when the driver moved slightly to that side. moving the retainer plate slightly cured that problem but still intermittent running on track. Removing the rear driver showed a bigger problem--the bearings, the springs etc was clogged with paint making electrical contact almost impossible. that's a whole new ball game with a lot of work and wondering where the driver springs went.  Bob V.

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In the latest Gazette (got mine Friday) there is an article by Craig Symington on "Potpourri".  One thing he discusses is micro motors and where he gets them.  Mostly off of eBay.  He shows some of what he has gotten along with other items usually off of eBay.  Take a look and maybe it will give you some ideas of what you want.

Bruce Dunlevy

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