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lloyd lehrer

The spacing depends on physical criteria of the Operator working space at the layout. I am not too ham handed but an tall so I can read the car numbering but need a lower shelf height to get my fingers in and realign a truck. If you use retailers instead of fingers it's less space but harder for me to retrieve the retailer. On upper tracks I need less space for fingers.  Just stick some cars next to each other at the layout height and depth you want and try not bumping the other cars.

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On Mon, May 11, 2020, 10:02 AM Dusty <> wrote:
Staging is 'inline' and visible, on layout trackage. Virtually no need to 'read' or handle cars. Re-staging is way bill flipping. I have up to 24" width for seven tracks.

1. I have no practical Hon3 Staging Track Spacing experience. I do have a great deal of operating experience on standard guage railroads.
2. I'm thinking seven tracks with three - 3 way lap switches on each end.
3. When I lay two NMRA Hon3 guages next to one another it looks like 1.75 " minimum center spacing. Is this enough? Is two inches 'safe'.
4. If I do need to swap in a car my rerailers work at 1.75" spacing.

I haven't spiked down a test as of yet.

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