Re: LocoDoc

Mike Conder

In cottage industries there are always people who are happy with a particular vendor and those who are unhappy with that vendor.  Count me in as one of the happy ones as all of my dealings with Wayne have been and cordial and successful.  And this goes for his Bellaire Roundhouse days in the mid-80's, to the Houston Roundhouse, to the move to the Salida Roundhouse and also to local Colorado train shows.

I understand that there are two sides to every transaction and not every transaction turns out great or even successful.

At this point, recognize that Wayne is probably in hos 80's and did attend recent train shows, where he's selling an incredible stock of used train books. by himself.  We're talking about him driving at least a couple of hours to any show a couple dozen full boxes of books that he hauls into the show, sets up, then hauls many of them back to his van, then drives home again.  I'm personally surprised he's still able to do that, and who knows what his current health is at this time.

I certainly couldn't keep up with him at my age ...

Mike Conder

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