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If you're up to it, wend your way over to the Repower and Regear IO group and get some excellent help on how to do these things yourself.  I've received some great help repowering old brass and die cast locos using inexpensive motors available on eBay.  They come from China and are out of automotive rear view mirrors. They're quiet, high torque and you can pick them up for $2.50 to $3.00 a piece.  They come in 10 mm, 15 mm and 18 mm square varieties.  Nick from Hobbytown of Boston is on the list too and is a great help in getting motors connected to gear boxes.

Just a thought.
Bill Lugg

On 5/7/20 8:43 AM, brian_budeit via wrote:
I've dealt with LocoDoc a decent amount of times over the years, and have had to nag him on occasion, but I have always received my order, whatever his shortcomings as a businessman, he isn't a cheat. Where I've seen the irritating delays is when he is doing special work like a custom sized flywheel, he seems slow to get to the lathe.
In my last correspondence with him, he was concerned with getting the idler gears for his kits, with NWSL closing and being bought. I don't know how that worked out. I would advise anyone looking for one of his kits to call, ask if he has one ready to ship, and buttonhole him on when you are going to get it. I've no doubt eveyone's complaints are real, and as those little motors are expensive, its a lot of money to have in limbo.
To end with my opinion, with Westside c-16's and t-12's on e bay being priced like a Blackstone engine, and every one is "rare", I can see this facet of the hobby going away soon, like our model paint. No one is going to pay 500 bucks for a so-so brass engine, then another hundred or so to make it run, then detail and paint, more money. But hey, Testors claims model trains don't need painted anymore. No wonder our hobby in general, and specifically hon3 is shrinking.

brian b
On Thursday, May 7, 2020, 10:23:53 AM EDT, Lee Gustafson via <> wrote:

DB who are you? What cottage industry do you represent?

Lee Gustafson

On May 7, 2020, at 7:54 AM, "Climax@..." <Climax@... wrote:

Very few cottage industry operations start out wit the intent to defraud anybody out of the value of anything.  Being a cottage industry usually means that you are the full boss, in other words you do the advertising, receive orders, get materials, produce something, pack it all up with instructions, take it to get shipped, and start on the next order.  The one things as a cottage industry is they dont have the ability nor resources to mass produce any particular item and store it for God only knows how long or let the stock go dead on the shelf.  They just cannot afford it.  Yes, I have had my problems but in most every case patience is a virtue and they come through.  You might get mad at the delay for your instant gratification fix but life is what it is.  Getting upset and making threats of legal action and involving the USPS only meets with more resistance.  Put yourself in the sellers shoes for once and think about this.  You have two customers, the first wants a dodad and the second wants a dodad too.  You get the order and then order the parts to manufacture the dodad.  The part comes from China and you must order the part.  You do that and it takes a month to get it on the slow boat from China.  In the mean time you are trying to fill other orders at the same time.  You fill the easy orders first to get them out of the way, then move on to the harder orders trying to make everyone happy.  Mean while the two orders for a dodad sit there waiting for delivery of the part needed,.  One of the customers starts writing to you wanting to know this or that. You do your best to answer him but he keeps on pestering you.  Soon you grow so tired you just stop answering his now threatening and insulting letters.  The second person just sits patiently and waits.  Finally the parts arrive from China and you start manufacturing only to find out China changed the part!  Geesh, the first guy who ordered is now involving the USPS.  You now start to change things and it takes time because you are still getting other orders too.  You get sick, injured, or move.  That all takes time. You finally get things in order, have redesigned the new part and have it ready to go.  You manufacture the parts and the second order goes out first because he was a gentleman and had patience to let you do your job.  The first person, being the jerk he was to you gets his second.  Why didn't you send him his money back, because it was invested in the Dodad part that was ordered from China and you could not afford to just let it sit on the shelf for God only knows how long.  Cottage industries are not corpoartions with the ability to have a warehouse and accept losses.  In most cases the slightest ripple will shut them down and its usually run not to make a huge profit, but more to stay busy, as an extension of a hobby, or just the love of doing something.  If you want instant gratification and fast service 100% of the time, go with the major manufactures and stay away from Cottage Industries.  If you feel adventuresome, are asking for the unusual, and have patience, go with the cottage industries. Your not dealing with a corporation, you are dealing with and individual who may have bit off more than he can chew all at once.

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FWIW, I agree with Lawrence, buyer beware. I had to threaten to
sue Wayne and bring charges of postal fraud in order to resolve
my issue. I will say and post no more on Wayne or this topic. I
consider this topic closed.

Lee Gustafson

On May 7, 2020, at 4:18 AM, Lawrence Wisniewski via
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Wayne has a long history of getting a lot of people upset with
him.  At one time he offered health problems as a reason for his
unreliability.  Over the years, I tried to do business with him
three different times. Only one attempt was successful. The last
time he knee jerked some lies at me in an effort to get me off
his ass.  That worked, and I have never gone back.  Some of his
antics have lead to near lynch mob formation responses on line
and it seemed like he was aware of what he was doing and would
make an effort to clean up his act.  It never seems to last
however.  With him it's definitely buyer beware.

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My recent business experience with Wayne took many emails and
phone calls over several months to reach conclusion. I believe
he is in the process of moving and may have health issues. The
Covid 19 issue may have added to his present situation and work

Lee Gustafson

On May 6, 2020, at 2:59 PM, Steen Mortensen <steenerik@...>

Spoke to him lastSeptember at the convention and tried to order
kits, he would not commit,
Sounded like decreasing business unfortunately. Have not heard
from him since.
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Has anyone done business lately with Wayne at LocoDoc? I spoke
to him on the phone the end of March and ordered one of his
conversion kits, but heard nothing since. I left a voicemail the
other day with my phone and email, but have heard nothing. Maybe
he's sheltering in place at home.

Bob Herrick

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