Re: LocoDoc

Robert Herrick

I appreciate all of the feedback and advice. I've never done business with him, but I've been aware of him in years past by Jim Vail's reviews of his kits in the Gazette. I was about to write him off as a bad bet, but decided to ask rather than rush to judgement. Human nature--especially when it comes to business--never ceases to amaze me. I received sage advice on human nature from a paramedic as we both sat in the ER--he writing a routine report and I, as a journalist, waiting for one of the dicks to brief me on a homocide--when a guy walks in with a bowling pin stuck in his butt. I recall saying, "Whenever I think I've seen everything, someone one-ups me." The paramedic never looked up, but advised--in our respective, overlapping lines of work--"You and I will never see everything." That was decades ago, but his comment sticks with me till this day. The case of Wayne is closed in my book.

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