Re: Stub turnouts


Larry (and Group),

I am in the process of converting to DCC friendly 30 +/- old but never used Shinohara HOn3 code 70 turnouts.  As part of the conversion I replace the metal bar that connects the points and original plastic throwbar with a plastic throwbar I designed and print using a FDM 3D printer.  I also install a bent phosphor bronze wire so the turnouts will be thrown with your finger ala Pecos.  The wires are placed under the turnout so they won't be seen once installed.  Pictures attached.  Some photos show the parts right after printing but before removing the temporary base (raft or brim) used during printing to hold the part in place on the printer's bed).

A standard PLA filament works fine in this application.  For my stub switches I have designed and printed throwbars and bridles for my code 70 stub switches.  I use Polymax filament.  It is more durable and bends a little if needed.

I have designed and printed a non-functional low level switch machine.  A fair looking model IMHO.  It has a hole that goes all the way from top to bottom for a wire the target will be glued to.

My "hope" is to connect the wire to the throwbar such that when your finger throws the turnout the target will rotate 90 degrees indicating the turnout's position.  I haven't nailed down the connection between the throwbar and the target wire.

QUESTION TO LARRY (or anyone): How do you make the connection to rotate the target?

With cinders in your eyes,
Bruce Bowie

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