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Russ Norris

I can see why code 55 track would be more flexible, but my track code 70 for my EBT railroad.  The south end of the yard, like the prototype, has a standard stub and a three way stub.  I left a section of the approach track free to move and found it was flexible enough for the stub.  Like others in this thread I soldered a pc tie to the rails for the bridle.  I soldered short lengths of sewing pins to the outside of the rails of the stub, with a slightly stiffer wire for the switch machine drive to make the contact secure.  I did the same thing with the three way stub, except the middle track doesn't carry any traffic.  It's purely for show.  So I did the same thing I did with the standard stub, using only the outside rails.  The stub switches operate well and I have had no problem with operating over them.

Russ Norris

On Sat, May 2, 2020 at 1:45 PM ftgcss <ftgc@...> wrote:
What I did was file down a PCB tie very thin, then solder two code 70 rail joiner on top and then trim to the width of the tie.  I used code 70 joiners on code 55 rail to ensure the bridles would slide as necessary when the switch is bent.  The extra tang on the bridle that is used to drive the "points" was left to solder a wire to drive the switch stand.  Mine aren't as detailed but they are very strong and I think they'll look pretty good when painted.


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