George Pierson

Hi, all,

For fans of Pennsylvania narrow gauge, the presence of two 3 ft. lines in the state with the same initials is confusing.  Given the greater size of the nw PA Tionesta Valley RR, its longer life and its greater traffic, perhaps we could let it take title to "TVRR."  The Tuscarora Valley RR will happily accept "TuVRR" as its working title.  FYI the TuVRR was located about 40 miles west of Harrisburg, PA.  It's northern terminus was Port Royal on the PRR Middle Division.  It ran 28 miles south to Blairs Mills, PA.  Go one county west and you come to the EBT.  As  devotee of the TuVRR, I can't resist inviting you to visit my website:

for video and photos of the TuV which resides in my basement.  There are also links to some other websites on which you can find more TuV info and photos.

The Tionesta Valley RR is also a fascinating line and one which begs to be modeled.  Little remains of it today but I gather that the TVRR station in Sheffield, PA is a TVRR museum.  I couldn't find a website but it's good to know some part of the TVRR is being preserved.

George Pierson
General Manager, TuVRR, Chicago Division

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