Re: Wheelset question

Jim Marlett

It might be a bear to do, but I think a more successful plan would be to take some out of the middle of an HO standard gauge tool and splice it back together to HOn3 size. Or cut an N scale tool in the middle and splice it back together to HOn3 size. If brass or whatever tubing could be found that was the right size or a piece of plastic drilled to fit, I think it could be done and I think it would be much easier than modifying a drill bit.

Jim Marlett

On Apr 30, 2020, at 8:39 AM, Brian Kopp <kc5lpa1@...> wrote:

All good points guys. Thanks. I like the idea of using a drill bit to make a one-sided cutting tool that fits where the axle goes. Reversing it to get the other side. Chamfering/rounding the flat end would make it easier to insert.

Jim your point is well taken that the shallower drill bit would allow a wheelset to "rattle around" in the journal more if it is just a bit short...

I may have to "sacrifice" a drill bit and one of those new San Juan /Grandt 3'7" frames when they come out just to see if it is possible..... I will report back.

Thanks again guys. As always, this forum makes me a better HOn3 modeller....

Brian Kopp
Jacksonville, FL

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