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Russ Norris

Knicknamed Tommy Varner's Red Rooster (there is a book about it by that name) it connected with Lewistown some 20 miles east of Mount Union.  There were once plans for it to standard gauge and follow Blacklog Valley for a connection with the EBT but they never came to pass.


On Wed, Apr 29, 2020, 9:40 PM John G Massura <jmassura@...> wrote:
Tuscarora Valley RR; it ran in the next valley to the east of the EBT.


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Well done, TVRR is this Tionesta Valley RR? I have walked some of the road bed fishing the feeders into the Tionesta. Beautiful fern covered path with the silhouette of the ties between the rotting ties. I had no idea it connected to the EBT?


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Hi Wayne,

Your accolades are appreciated, but I think you have the wrong guy. You are looking for my friend George Pierson, noted PRR and TVRR modeler and the gent who has done Port Royal in HO. I also model the TVRR along with a connection to the EBT, all in 1906. My slice of TVRR is East Waterford to Ross Farms, and the East Waterford & Kansas Valley logging branch, but no Port Royal.
Enclosed are some shots of East Waterford. The grist mill is a now a ruin, collapsed into its foundation. The station still stands, used as a storage building, the owner lives in the house next to it. The tan building is the back of a general store, in existence until recently as Longs Store. A drunk driver ran into gasoline pumps in front of the building and burned it down.
Good luck with the TM&P. The Burlington station survives as a library and museum. A water tank stood up in Chert a number of years ago, not sure if its still there. There also were to be remains of a number of trestles from the line.

brian b
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Just wanted to say that I'm a big fan of your TVRR. I can't look at the photos of your structure builds and the way you depicted Port Royal enough. It inspires me in my effort. I too am modeling something off radar for almost all NG modelers- The Twin Mountain & Potomac RR in Mineral County WV, just across the Potomac River from the Cumberland MD area. I'm trying to do justice to Keyser WV and still have a usable terminus for the railroad.

Russ Norris, MMR
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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