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Hi Wayne,

Your accolades are appreciated, but I think you have the wrong guy. You are looking for my friend George Pierson, noted PRR and TVRR modeler and the gent who has done Port Royal in HO. I also model the TVRR along with a connection to the EBT, all in 1906. My slice of TVRR is East Waterford to Ross Farms, and the East Waterford & Kansas Valley logging branch, but no Port Royal.
Enclosed are some shots of East Waterford. The grist mill is a now a ruin, collapsed into its foundation. The station still stands, used as a storage building, the owner lives in the house next to it. The tan building is the back of a general store, in existence until recently as Longs Store. A drunk driver ran into gasoline pumps in front of the building and burned it down.
Good luck with the TM&P. The Burlington station survives as a library and museum. A water tank stood up in Chert a number of years ago, not sure if its still there. There also were to be remains of a number of trestles from the line.

brian b

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Just wanted to say that I'm a big fan of your TVRR. I can't look at the photos of your structure builds and the way you depicted Port Royal enough. It inspires me in my effort. I too am modeling something off radar for almost all NG modelers- The Twin Mountain & Potomac RR in Mineral County WV, just across the Potomac River from the Cumberland MD area. I'm trying to do justice to Keyser WV and still have a usable terminus for the railroad.

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