Wheelset question

Brian Kopp

I had a chat with the San Juan Model Company yesterday and found out they are not planning to reproduce the Grandt Line 5132 wheelsets. They are looking at doing truck frames though so that's good.

I know NWSL makes a Grandt truck frame compatible wheelset, the 37343-4 for about $25 or ($15 unassembled as the 97343-4).

I went looking through my inventory and of course I don't have any on hand. I was wondering if anybody had any thoughts on modified a Grandt Line truck frame to take another wheelset that has similar wheel thickness and axle length. One wheelset that comes to mind is the kadee 718. I did some rough caliper measurements and found the following:

Grandt line 5132
axle length 0.59"
wheel thickness including flange 0.075"
blunt axle length outside wheel 0.025
blunt axle tip diameter 0.038"

Sorry here is the Kadee info for comparison:

Kadee 718
axle length 0.637"
wheel thickness including flange 0.075"
pointed axle length outside wheel 0.0575"
pointed axle diameter (at wheel) 0.050"

Brian Kopp
Jacksonville, FL

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