Re: Roadbed Material Question

Robert Weaver

Homasote is excellent.  Have been using it for years both as sheets and cut as roadbed.  It is messy to cut.   Yes it can be hard to find.   I have found it (1/2 inch thick x 3 1/2 inch wide x 10 ft long strips - as Homex Expansion Joint Board) at Home Depot in the concrete section for around $3.25 per piece.  It is utilized for making concrete forms.   One side is kind of dimple the other is flat.  It is too wide to bend, but it still works pretty good.    Occasionally a sheet is a little off on dimension thickness by about 1/16 of an inch.   I find it best to put it all down then use a hand sander (random orbital)  to get it all level anyway.    The other nice thing is it can be transported from store to home pretty easily in any vehicle due to its smaller size (not a 4x8 sheet).  Check it out.  


On Apr 25, 2020, at 10:33 AM, Alan Kilby <alankilby@...> wrote:

Homasote is hard to find,I live in Reno and have not been able to find it anywhere local.Portland locomotive works sells it but their not local.You need homasote to hold spikes if handlaying track,cork and foam won't hold them.
If using premade track cork would be cheaper and easier to find.Seeing as Roseville/Sacramento is closest hobby/train store you may wish to order online.

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