Re: Roadbed Material Question

Rick Rhode <rvrhode@...>

Hi Ted,
     I live in NC where humidity IS a problem.  I have used both cork and homasote roadbed.  I really like the homasote.  It is easy to work with, cuts very easily, takes and hold spikes great.  As long as you glue it down on a plywood or spline sub-roadbed with carpenters wood glue, it will not expand or contract in humid conditions,  You should have no problems in Nevada.  Happy building!

On Saturday, April 25, 2020, 12:12:45 PM EDT, Ted <twilton@...> wrote:

I am getting ready to start my first layout, and I am considering using either Homasote or Flexxbed material for the roadbed. I live in northwestern Nevada [really dry here!] so humidity impacts on the Homasote would not be much of an issue. Would appreciate any thoughts or comments you might have!



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