Re: Corona virus Kadee builds

John G Massura

Just start by dropping 1 car off and picking 1 up so she learns the throttle and coupling/uncoupling.

Then add a 2nd car, and eventually  something like you have to move a car to spot the one behind it, etc.

You don’t have to count moves, the prototype switched by having the man on the ground walk the least.


P.S. Not sure what you model, but maybe you can get her interested in a shake-the-box kit so it’s HER car she’s switching. Baby steps.

On Apr 20, 2020, at 09:40, Brian Kopp <kc5lpa1@...> wrote:

Not a bad idea John,
She does like puzzles..... I need some of those old John Allen switching puzzles.....

Brian Kopp
Jacksonville, FL

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