Re: Corona virus Kadee builds

John G Massura

Give her a switching puzzle to solve, they love to do puzzles and a hands-on 3D one is even better.

John Massura
Chicago, IL

On Apr 20, 2020, at 09:23, Brian Kopp <kc5lpa1@...> wrote:

I have lost some dexterity/feelings in the digits. Just enough lost to make it hard to slide the spring plate back and forth when attaching the side frames without springs going flying....I got one done but it took hours. Enter the nimble fingers of the 17 year old. By the time she was on her third one, she was clocking them in at under 8 minutes. It was her idea to time herself. =)
Now if I could only get her interested in model railroading..... =)

Brian Kopp
Jacksonville, FL

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