Re: Thinning Floquil Paints

Pete C

Lacquer thinner works well and you can control the the drying time by getting fast drying or medium drying thinner.  I have been using xylol for the past 50 years. 
If you are interested here is a post from a while back that has the exact diosol formula.


 copied the Diosol formula posted in one of the yahoo groups several  
years ago by a chemist who lab analyzed and posted the formula. This  
is as posted verbatim.

"38% by vol toluene, 41% by vol xylene  and  21% by  vol  Solvesso  
100  (a long evaporation rate aromatic hydrocarbon solvent).   Getting  
the toluene and xylene is not difficult, but the Solvesso 100 is only  
available through  chemical suppliers."

I was fortunate to have a local paint manufacturer - Sherwin Williams  
- that could provide the Solvesso 100 which is also known as Naptha 100.

Also, I would never soak anything other than metal in Diosol. And  
acetone is not a paint thinner. Cleanup, yes. Thinner, no.

On Apr 16, 2020, at 6:38 PM, David Laverick <dave@...> wrote:


I ran a profession model shop for years and we used lacquer thinner with excellent results when DioSol was not available. We always used Lacquer thinner to clean airbrush parts. 


On Apr 16, 2020, at 5:14 PM, tom peterman via <tomp1000@...> wrote:

I have some old Floquil paint I want to use on a project, but need to thin for airbrushing.  I don't have any DioSol thinner left, so what is a substitute that is compatible with Floquil paint?

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